NeuroNet Learning Program

Everyone learns differently. Often, children learn better when information is presented in new and exciting ways. Add in movement and rhythm, and learning can become easier than ever before. Strides OT owner, Sarah Poindexter, MS, OTR/L, has gone through the rigorous process to learn about this movement based program and become a certified provider.

NeuroNet is a learning readiness program designed to help students become independent learners. Created by Nancy Rowe, an audiologist based out of Gainesville, Florida, this program helps students develop fluency in reading, math, and handwriting skills.

The NeuroNet programs center around four key concepts:

1. Learn Independently

Children watch and learn through a video based movement program, then think and act upon what they see. This design element helps kids engage in productive trial and error problem solving.

2. Make the speed and accuracy network

Children develop fluency in early reading, handwriting, and math skills. With fluency in these essential skills, kids learn how to use what they know to enhance new learning.

3. Get your brain to practice what you want your brain to learn

The program is designed to encourage practice. In order to develop fluency, you must practice fluency.

4. Self-evaluation is the key to motivation

An important skill that is difficult to learn is self-evaluation, or the ability to assess your own performance, actions, and attitude. Through this program, kids learn to self-evaluate and to equate effort and practice with improvements in performance. For more information, visit The NeuroNet Website.
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